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Project Challenges
More space and more natural daylight were top priorities for this remodeling project in Middletown, N.J. Also of great importance was the marriage of the infrequently used living and dining rooms with the small kitchen to create a grand, open plan entertaining space that would meet the dramatically changing needs of the homeowners.

An absolute must was to provide enough seating to serve an already large and ever-growing family. To be precise, the new space needed to comfortably seat 14 on a regular basis and up to 25 for holidays and special occasions.

To meet these demands, the kitchen, living and dining rooms needed to be combined into one large, multi-purpose space that was grandchildren friendly but also a reflection of the homeowners’ love of cooking, entertaining and contemporary design.

Project Solutions
The first step for the Robert Legere Design team was to open up the space and create a sense of volume and grandeur. The walls that previously delineated the individual rooms were torn down; the ceiling in the new, larger space was raised; and a 30-foot structural beam was added creating a dramatic vaulted ceiling complete with skylights that allow for an abundance of natural sunlight.

One item the homeowners were keen on keeping was a beautiful Schonbek crystal chandelier that had long served as a focal point in the old dining room. The Robert Legere Design team found two smaller Schonbek pieces that coordinated perfectly with the existing chandelier and created a beautiful presentation above the new 14-foot long dining table.

A smaller, more modern, linear crystal fixture was positioned above the expansive island and sink to carry the sophisticated look throughout the space. Traditional in-ceiling lights were replaced by state-of-the-art LED recessed fixtures in a sleek square shape.

A modern, oversized dining table provided the space needed to seat three generations for a family dinner and barstools at the large island provided the supplemental seating necessary for when the entire family is in town.

The result is the complete transformation of rarely used space into a concept that now perfectly suits a couple with refined taste and an ever-growing family.

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